When did you realize you didn’t relateto your birth gender?

Looking back at my life I’ve always been a little boy but it took me until i was 19 to realize who i was.

How did you deal with that mentally & physically?

Mentally it was like my first breath of air specially due to the long battle i went thru before hand. I took it step by step by being straight forward with my family and friends about myself. Made sure I always had someone to talk to about what was going on mentally which helped maybe not always but sadly with transitioning your worst enemy is yourself. I just keep trying to look forward and picture my goal in my head.

Give me a glimpse of the inside you verse your outward appearance. 

On the outside first thing you see is just some punk guy covered in tattoos and piercings. On the inside I’m a nature boy i love the mountains while at the same time my soul belongs to the ocean. I have a bigger heart then i should. I choose nature over society and I’m a little old school. I love all music even tho i look like I’m more into rock. I come off quiet but only because my mind is always racing but when i do speak i might stutter but I’m smart, I’m dorky, I’m strong.

How would you prefer people to address you? pronouns, preferred name etc.

I go by ayden and he, him, they, them

What does gender identity mean to you?

To me gender identity is just being who you are, doing whatever it takes for you to be able to look in the mirror and say this is me and it is so good to finally meet myself.

Was there someone in your life that helped you start to see your authentic/true self? Tell me about how they helped you/who they are/

Honestly the people who are still a big part of my life today are who helped me become who i am today. But the biggest impact is my beautiful fiancé she’s helped me shape myself into the man I’ve become by reminding me everyday how she sees me and pushing me when I’m beating myself up about my transition. If it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t feel as confident as i do when i walk out my door.

Talk to me about your struggles with identity and how you’ve overcome them.

Honestly i have my days where i still struggle I’m 2years into my transition and i feel as if all eyes are one me if you can see my chest binder or if i don’t have facial hair i look feminine still or my voice isn’t that deep or when i take my shirt off everyone sees the tape and i have a target on me. Its hard waiting for that day where u can be shirtless and happy or look the way you want. But i get thru it cause of my friends, fiancé, my family i know i have them behind me which is why i can say im trans and i don’t care how other people look at me.

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